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Eau De Parfum ( Available in 5 ml, 30 ml & 100 ml )
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In collaboration with L.A based perfume brand Scent Trunk, Maya was in 2020 commissioned to create a fragrance within the parameters of the theme Super Natural Future.

The result is a perfume that meanders through the Macedonian woods, into hidden environs of wildlife, the secret life of Treemoss and the dreamy cloud of orris. This is an animalic, dry woody and slightly floral scent that transports us through time. 

Key Notes: Birch Leaf, Orris, Violet Leaf, Treemoss, Green Cognac, Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Animalic Musk

This product is shipped within the UK only. In the US this can be purchased via the Scent Trunk website. 

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For this scent I took inspiration from the flora and fauna of Macedonia with an aim to create a fragrance that reflects their natural habitat, set in the future where animals and nature have been left to flourish. The stone ruins represent the many monasteries found in the country today. It's a musky woody floral with mossy green undertones. It's tactile, soft, animalic, wild, familiar, and mysterious.